m file to instead save button in set path dialog

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Go the Home tab and, in the Environment section, click Set Path. Then we will open the Set Path dialog box, there is a 'Save' button, now I want to use a M-file to achieve the 'save' button's function, how to do this? Use 'Savepath()'? I do not want to change any path, no add, no move, no remove, just save. Like I open this dialog, do nothing, just click 'save' button and close the dialog, now I want to use M-file to do this. just save. how? thanks~


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019-1-17
matlabpath( strjoin(Cell_Array_Of_Character_Vectors, pathsep) )
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kei hin
kei hin 2019-1-23
aha...OK...Let's back to the question, I can use 'savepath' to instead click save button in pathtool dialog right? So can you edit your first answer, and I will accept it.


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