searching an array for a value embedded in a string

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Probably this is hopelessly simple to solve, but I haven't found the way (being a newbie)
I have a number of large arrays that look like this (a small portion only shown):
I'm trying to find a way to search for and extract the "Pan Scale" value from each array (here, = 2 on line 123, red arrow). This element (Pan Scale) may not always be on line 123, so I can't just search for the 123rd row in all the arrays.
How do I search for the string "Pan Scale" and then how do I extract its value (the number after the equal sign)?
UPDATE: OK, I just found a way to get to the cell in my array (named "C"):
C(strcmpi(C(:,1),'Pan Scale = 2'));
but now, how to extract the value (i.e. here, 2)?


Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung 2019-1-29
编辑:Kevin Phung 2019-1-29
search = 'Pan Scale';
a = C{contains(C,search)} % if C is your cell array, locate index and access cell.
exp = '\d*'; %all consecutive numeric digits
val = str2num(cell2mat(regexp(a,exp,'match')))
^ you can use the above for your other elements too, like 'LightControl' or 'PinHoleDiameter,' etc.
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Stephen 2019-1-30
Wait again...FINALLY solved this mess myself. Primie example of 100 monkeys given infinite time on computers could generate a Shakespearean sonnet!
[FileName,PathName] = uigetfile('*.txt','Select the txt file'); % select or enter the name of the txt file containing the ImageJ metadata
path=strcat(PathName,FileName); % construct a path for finding this txt file
opts = detectImportOptions(path); % list the options available in this file
opts.SelectedVariableNames = {'Var1','Var2'}; % choose to import only the columns named 'Var1' and 'Var2'
T = readtable(path,opts); % this imports the metadata into table T
C = table2cell(T); % convert table T to array C
search = 'Time Per Frame'; % define the variable, 'search' to = 'Time Per Frame'
a = C{contains(C(:,1),search)}; % C is your cell array; this locates index and access cell.
Index = find(contains(C(:,1),search)); % finds the row containing the string 'Time Per Frame'
val=C(Index,2); % creates the variable, val, = time per frame (number in the second column of that row)
scantime = cell2mat(val)/1000000 % generates variable, 'scantime', equal to value of time per frame (which is in microsec), in sec
Probably kludgey, but works.
Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung 2019-1-30
woohoo!! You can probably condense a line or two, but that's not too important.
now I can finally sleep at night.


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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2019-1-29
编辑:madhan ravi 2019-1-29
The below code can extract the numeric digit/s equated to Pan Scale:
r=cellfun(@(x)regexp(x,'(?<=Pan Scale.{0,10})\d{0,10}\.?\d{0,10}',...
Result=vertcat(R{:}) % if you want the result to be a column vector
Result=[R{:}] % if you want the result to be a row vector
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Stephen 2019-1-30
Thanks, Ravi. Being a newbie, I'm having a little easier time understanding and following Kevin's script. Nevertheless, I appreciate your help.



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