if statement for colour coding data

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P_L 2019-2-5
编辑: P_L ,2019-2-28
I have latitude, longitude and depth data.
I am wanting to create a 2D plot of Lat Vs Long and plot the depth shown as a corrosponding colour indiacting its depth. I would like it to plot 2colours:
Green if depth <11.9 km
Red if depth < 19.8 km
I have created an if statement so far but it only shows the red stars
Thnak in advance! Pri


Adam 2019-2-5
编辑:Adam 2019-2-5
Create a mask:
greenDataIdx = Depth <= 11.9;
plot( Lat( greenDataIdx ), Long( greenDataIdx ), 'g*' )
hold on
Then plot your other data similarly. In your example there is no data with depth > 11.9. I was going to ask what happens to data > 19.8, but there isn't any. You can do the red data just the same though anyway, if any exists:
redDataIdx = Depth > 11.9 && Depth <= 19.8
An if statement where the target of the if is a vector is very rarely what you want. It will evaluate to a single scalar for the entire array.

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