get property of selected line and hide name of a line

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I have a simulink model, and there are some lines in it, one of lines have name 'AA', and this line name is hide, when I cut the block and paste back which this line connected, the line name will be showed by itself, now I want hide line name again, how to do it? and how can I get property of a selected line, use 'get()'? how to get the line's handle?

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Mark Sherstan
Mark Sherstan 2019-2-15
Look at the guide here. There is documentation for copying and pasting with/without names, hiding block properties, etc... I would start by trying the following (located at the bottom of the attachted link):
If you have applied formatting to a block, signal line, or area in a model, you can copy the formatting and apply it to another model element. Examples of formatting include font changes, foreground and background color, and drop shadow effects.
1. Select the block, line, or area whose formatting you want to copy.
2. From the ellipsis menu, select Copy Formatting. The cursor becomes a paintbrush.
3. Using the paintbrush, click each element that you want to copy the formatting to.
4. To cancel the paintbrush cursor, click a blank spot on the canvas or press Esc.
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kei hin
kei hin 2019-2-15
I use 2011b, I don't find 'copy fomatting'... and there is only one line have a name so I think I can not use this way to achieve it...



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