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P_L 2019-2-24
评论: Walter Roberson ,2019-2-28
Hi there, I am relatively new to matlab and am using it for a very important project. I am hoping to use a .grd file to plot a topographic map of a major fault in Turkey and some data (my results) over it. However, I am really struggling to plot the .grd file in Matlab - I have tried grdinfo2 and grdread2 but i keep getting errors.
I have tried youtube and looking on here for relevant documentation but can't get anything to work. If anyone would be so kind as to help/ advise it would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks
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P_L 2019-2-25
编辑:P_L 2019-2-25
Hi Walter, thanks again for getting back to me!
I have another question if you'd be so kind to help.. I am now trying to plot my data on top of the topography as mentioned before. I have used the function shadem to colour it correctly and now my data points for my stations get 'lost' in the topography. They show up fine when i don't use 'shadem' however, the quality of the topography is too poor my project. 1) Is there a way to stop my data points from getting lost?
Many thanks
h = pcolor(X,Y, Z);
shading interp
h.EdgeColor = 'none';
xlabel('Longitude (deg, E)');
ylabel('Latitude (deg, N)')
%axis([30 30.1 40 41.1 10.9 0 2500])
hold on
% plot for stations
load station_location.txt
latitude= station_location(:,1);
longitude= station_location(:,2);
elevation= station_location(:,3);
% plot them
plot(longitude,latitude,'^','MarkerSize',5,'MarkerFaceColor', [0.6350 0.0780 0.1840])
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019-2-28
shadem() would be for the Mapping Toolbox; some of the routines you are using such as plot() are not appropriate if you are working with a mapping axes. If you are using a mapping axes then you should use surfm() instead of pcolor(), and plotm() instead of plot()



KSSV 2019-2-25
编辑:KSSV 2019-2-25
shading interp

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