Plot markers as a continuous line

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P_L 2019-2-28
评论: P_L ,2019-3-4
Hi there, I am trying to plot lots of points representing a seismic fault over some topography. I am plotting the data in the form plot(x,y,'.') but as the data represnets a shape I need the gaps between each of the points filling so it looks like a smooth line.
plotting in the form plot(x,y'-') is very messy.
Any ides on how to fix this?
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Adam 2019-2-28
编辑:Adam 2019-2-28
And do you have an example of the points? I know you can get a mess sometimes with line plots, but only usually if the points are in a jumbled order. If they are in the order you want them to be joined they should normally be joined as you would expect them. Are your points sorted in y? I assume if it is a seismic fault that y-values should be monotonically increasing?
P_L 2019-2-28
Hi Adam thanks for getting back to me. They were in decending order and now i have just tried it by placing them in ascending order - but still no luck :(


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Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung 2019-2-28
编辑:Kevin Phung 2019-2-28
try this :
[new_x, ord] = sort(x);
new_y = y(ord);
let me know if this helped
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019-3-2
You posted a question about splitting your data; I have responded to it a second ago.
P_L 2019-3-2
Hi Walter thank you, yes i posted that comment over an hour ago. I have deleted it now as it has been resolved :)


Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2019-3-2
Don't use the dash line specifier because it looks like you might be plotting one 2-D array and the ends of one line are connecting to the beginning of the next line.
Just use dot and the MarkerSize property and see if that works for you.
plot(x, y, 'b.', 'MarkerSize', 10);
Adjust color and MarkerSize as needed.
If it's a 2-D array you're plotting, consider plotting each row or column one at a time rather than the 2-D matrix all with one call to plot().
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P_L 2019-3-4
Hi there, I already tried increasing the marker size but the gaps in data points are too big. I also tried your secong suggestion which I couldn't get to work earlier. The fault data I have read in for a collection of faults which is why I believe it's behaving the way it is. I have now seperated the data into seperate vectors and and I amtrying to plot it this way.
Thank you for your imput anyway, much appreciated :)



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