MATLAB coder- single precision conversion issue

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I am trying to generate C code of my trained SVM model. The code is generated successfully when I dont choose any of the options in the beginning of the coder page like >fixed point conversion or >single precision conversion. But I strangely find 64 bit variables defined in the generated code although when I chose ARM cortex M while generating the code which is 32 bit and causes writing out of memory range issues when tried to run it on IAR embedded workbench IDE. So I wanted to try out code generation by selecting the single precision conversion in the beginning but turns out that the coder doesn't like something and gives the following error. Please help with how i can resolve it. Thank you.
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dpb 2019-3-27
For rapid response for a more niche product I'd suggest you submit an support request to official TMW support <> works or use link at top of page.


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