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Extracting select data from excel sheets

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Vince Clementi
Vince Clementi on 5 Jun 2019
Commented: dpb on 5 Jun 2019
I am currently trying to merge data from two excel sheets (A and B) into a third excel sheet (C):
A = xlsread('file1','sheet','column1');
B = xlsread ('file1','sheet','column2');
C= xlsread('file2','sheet','column');
A and C are similar; A has every value of C, but C does not have every value of A (i.e., A is longer and contains values that are not present in C). Moreover, A has corresponding values in B. I need to extract all of the values for A and B that correspond with C while leaving all other values as NaN. Is this possible?

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dpb on 5 Jun 2019
Makes no sense -- you start off with no C but then the description of the development of the content of C is dependent upon existing C content.
Try again to describe what A and B contain and what merge operation you're after.
Probably a short(ish) example would ease the comparison.
Look at the various join operations and/or ismember and related friends...

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