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Setup data for neural net toolbox

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SShamtej Singh Rana
SShamtej Singh Rana on 24 Jul 2019
i want to put this datasetm about 38000x7 into the nn patern recognition toolbox. When i try to insert input data, straight fromt the excel file, I am not able to pick which specific cells in my file i want to be inputs. instead the whole file is read as input data.
When i try to do so for targets first, the entire file is read but no choice is added tot he dropdown menu for these tags.
I am new to matlab so i might be looking at it wrong, or perhaps my data is setup wrong, so i have attached it below.
The pattern recognition data popup can also not read the text data in the, words such as "warning" or "fire" aren't being read as inputs.
Please help me out with instructions, or a video link if possible.


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