Same colormap with colorbar which has two axes

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Would it be possible to have a colorbar with two variables (one on each side of the colorbar)?
I.e. if you take this Colorbar for example, I would like to also have different values on the left side of the colorbar for a different variable which shares the same units.
Thank you.

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John Doe
John Doe 2019-8-2
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Jack M
Jack M 2019-8-3
Unfortunately, that is not what I was looking for.
I wanted one colormap with a colorbar with two axes (two variables) where I get to pick the ticks for each of the variables on either side of the colorbar.
Hope that clarifies things?


Rik 2019-8-13
You can add a second tick row on the right side of the colorbar using the code below.
'YTick',1:10,'YLim',[1 10],...


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