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Error using readtable -​ImportOpti​ons/readta​ble (line 492)

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Rob Weh
Rob Weh on 12 Aug 2019
Commented: Rob Weh on 18 Aug 2019
I have an issues using the readtable function in matlab R2019a on windows 10
Everytime I use the readtable function this error thows up:
Error using (line 492)
An error occurred while trying to determine whether "readData" is a function name.
Testing it on two other comupters it wroks fine. Any idea how to solve this?
TIA, Bob


Jackson Burns
Jackson Burns on 13 Aug 2019
Your installation may be missing a required file. I would try re-installing MATLAB.
Rob Weh
Rob Weh on 18 Aug 2019
Hm that was it, although re-installing was not sufficient since I already tried it once in the past. This time completelty removed Matlab and installed it again solved it for me.

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