How to give input to the block 'model' in simulink

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I am working in matlab simulink.There are two parts of my is about control systems and the other is about image processing.I want to link them such that the control system part only receives a scalar input from image processing part.So i want to use the 'model' block attached to the image processing part such that there is a scalar input to the model block.How can I use this 'model' block such that it has an input port as I donot see any input port to this block.Please guide me.


Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind 2012-9-18
I presume you mean that you have a Simulink model with control systems that you want to use with another Simulink model containing image processing operations? Does the model with the control algorithm have an Inport block? If yes, when that model is referenced from your image processing model using the "Model" block, the Inport block in the model automatically shows up as an input port to the Model block.

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