Optimal placement of PMU using any algorithm

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Dear mate could you please guide me how to implement optimal PMU code in MATLAB and ink with any IEEE standar test system to know about best location?
any suggestion and anwer will be highly appriciated

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Ismael Abdulrahman
Ismael Abdulrahman 2019-12-31

Abdulaziz NA
Abdulaziz NA 2019-11-28
Dear Maveeya Baba,
Have you find any help regarding your subject.
I am also need some help for same your inquiry.

Maveeya Baba
Maveeya Baba 2019-11-28
Dear i did not get any help.. but now i am reading old codes .Those worked for the OPP Problem.. learn the codes and match with the papers.. Run the old programs and run each and every line of the program then u will get to know how these coding are working and how they explained in the research papers.. PSO, GA, Integer linear, Depth first search, simulated annealing... read these papers and download OPP master from get hub.. and learn those codes.
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SRAVAN KOTHA 2021-2-15
Hi Maveeya Baba.
can you guide me how to download OPP master from get hub or can you please share mem the files regarding OPP problems that you have.please,this will helps me alot for my research.my maill id:sravankumar.ee@gmail.com


Maveeya Baba
Maveeya Baba 2019-11-28
if you want to find IEEE-case system which is bus system (14,30....etc).. write MATPOWER IEEE-case in gethub you will get all the IEEE-cases

Maveeya Baba
Maveeya Baba 2019-11-28
for understading the OPP problem you should study the linear programming method in which they construct a MATRIX A.. (ADJACENET MATRIX A)..
this matrix A is important in every program coding you will find in those OPP master in gethub.. this matrix is important to understand how to put PMUs in a bus with a binary digit 1.... and through adjacent matrix you will get constraint functions in research papers match all the constraint functions with IEEE-case system and adjacant matrix.. which is used for incident lines as well..
likewise= the constraint function in a paper like this.. F1= X1+X2+X3> 1......
This means that if we want to observe bus-1 we have to place a PMU either in bus-1,bus-2 or bus -3... match this function with IEEE-bus diagram with incident lines of for example bus-1

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