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How to combine all script windows into one window with tabs

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Hi there
Silly question. I used to have all of my scripts as tabs in a single window. Now, for some reason, Matlab shows me each new script in a separate window, which quickly gets very difficult to manage. How do I revert this sudden change back to the normal setting?


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Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Nov 2019
You may need to undock the Editor. There is a small white triangle inside a white circle on a blue background in the upper right corner of the Editor window. Click on it and undock the Editor in the dropdown menu. Typing CTRL+Shift+D may also work.


Jakob Sievers
Jakob Sievers on 9 Nov 2019
Ah yes. Docking all and then undocking afterwards solved the problem. Thank you very much!

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