GPU coder : When I use GPU coder to any function, Do I need to type coder.gpu.kernelfun in all subfunctions in the main function?

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I want to use GPU coder on a function fcn_PRM_DH5.
in fcn_PRM_DH5, there is another function; colChk_new.
In this case, Do I need to type coder.gpu.kernelfun in colChk_new?


Pravin Jagtap
Pravin Jagtap 2019-12-27
Hello Lim,
I think, Dynamic kernel invocation i.e calling kernels from within kernels is not supported by GPU coder yet. Therefore my guess is even if you write the kernel fun pragma in 'colChk_new' GPU threads will ignore that pragma. But, if the computations involved in the for loop of 'fcn_PRM_DH5' then the function call of 'colChk_new' will be parallel.

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