Does GPU coder have only one output?

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I'm changing a function into mex file with GPU coder, and I have a problem while I using the GPU coder.
I want to get two matrices; D, N as the output of fcn_DH.
When I executed GPU coder with a code below, Running test file with MEX is not terminated, thus I cannot make MEX file.
However, When I changed the first line of the function into 'D = fcn_PRM(node,PosMap)', which has only one output, the GPU coder worked fine.
I'm wondering if I can apply the GPU coder to a function and only get one variable as a result.
Otherwise, if GPU coder can multiple outputs, I want to know which part of my code is wrong.
function [D,N] = fcn_PRM(node,PosMap)
n = length(node);
D = coder.nullcopy(zeros(n,n,2));
N = coder.nullcopy(zeros(n,n));
for i=1:n-1
for j=i+1:n
B = collisionCheck_SP5(PosMap(node(i),:), PosMap(node(j),:));
D(i,j,1) = dist;
N(i,j) = B;
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lim daehee
lim daehee 2019-11-25
Hello Parvin,
Thank you for your continuous help.
In my case, the entry-point function is the main code, which starts with loading the dlite_small.mat file. I followed all procedures of GPU coder app on documentation you send to me. However, GPU coder app does not complete at a certain stage on attached figure.
Also, I don't understand why are you cannot accessible to "dlite_small.mat"file. I just confirmed that all files and codes are work well on my computer now. So I attach dlite_small.mat and all codes.
Thanks for your help.



Pravin Jagtap
Pravin Jagtap 2019-11-25
Hello Lim,
After analyzing the code, It is clear that you are not able to generate ‘MEX’ because the ‘%#codegendirective is missing in the function definition at beginning. To generate the ‘MEX’ please add the ‘%#codegen’ directive as shown below at the starting of the Entry-Point function:
function [D,N] = fcn_PRM(node_PRM,PosMap) %#codegen
Also, make sure that the same function is getting called in the ‘Define Input Type’ stage.
Kind Regards
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lim daehee
lim daehee 2019-11-27
编辑:lim daehee 2019-11-27
Hello Parvin,
I always thanks to you for your help and I have a question about your reply.
Is the matrix size can cause the increase of calculation time?
The map data which I gave you is smaller one.. actual map size is 1701*1701*11 double and size of 'node' is 1900.
If my problem is caused by the size of the map data matrix, I want to know the maximum size of matrix that GPU coder can work properly.
Also, I know that GPU coder don't create kernel for indexing of matrix, is that right?
Plus, I realized that my problem is caused by data size of array N. The data size of N is 576kb. I wonder why the size of array cause the increase of calculation time.
Also, I wonder both maximum size of array and maximum data size of array that GPU coder can work properly.


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