How to give frame of video as input argument of a function in matlabfunction block

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Hi everyone! I am using 'from multimedia file' block to read video. The output of this block is a frame which is given to 'matlab function block'.In matlab function block I am giving the name of my function and the input as argument e.g myfunction(w).Now my problem is that I have to give this frame of the video as argument of myfunction().So how should I write this.Please suggest me.

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Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon 2012-9-28
If you connect the output of 'From Multimedia File' block to the input of your MYFUNCTION(w) 'MATLAB Function' block, then at every simulation time step, the signal/input W will be a video frame. Do you see anything different? To check, you can turn on Port Dimension and Data Type displays in the Simulink model.
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Beenish Mazhar
Beenish Mazhar 2012-9-29
Yes sir you are right ,it gives me a video frame at every simulation time step.But matlab function block needs an argument in file name parameter e.g in case of image I gave it as myfunction('a.jpg').Now I cannot write it as myfunction('video.avi') because it is taking a frame not the whole video at one time instant.How to write this?



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