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How to make 0 value at center colorbar?

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Hi i'm trying to replicate the surf plot on the left, currently my background for the surf plot is orange due to 0 value (look at the surf colorbar).
How can i make the 0 at the center of the colorbar? (similar to the left picture)


dpb on 29 Feb 2020
When want somebody to try to fiddle with a figure, it's always best to produce a minimal working example that will give them something to start from. Much more difficult to have to try to create/replicate something from scratch...doable, but most won't bother (like me... :) ).
LEONG SING YEW on 29 Feb 2020
haha just +0.05 and present similar result xD

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Feb 2020
I don't see a surf() plot. I see two images. Anyway to adjust the colorbar, use colormap() to create the colormap, and caxis() to say what value of your data should be at the top and bottom of the color bar.

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LEONG SING YEW on 1 Mar 2020
Thanks! I make the surf plot into 2d by adjusting to x y plane

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