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Continue next statement on cd command

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Hi everyone
Is there a way to continue next line on this cd command? this is to make convenient for me to analyse data
cd 'D:\Onedrive\OneDrive -xxx\bbb\ccc\ddd\3. Simulation\3. Fluent Case\40um - 9\EquivalenceRatio_Osc\0.015\F100';
i tried this but it won't work
cd ['D:\Onedrive\OneDrive -xxx\bbb\ccc\ddd\3. Simulation\3. Fluent Case\40um - 9'...


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Accepted Answer

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 8 Mar 2020
Use cd as a FUNCTION call.
cd(['D:\Onedrive\OneDrive -xxx\bbb\ccc\ddd\3. Simulation\3. Fluent Case\40um - 9'...
Commands like CD are actually functions, where they can be used in either mode, either as a command or as a function.


John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 12 Mar 2020
Stephen is correct here, in that when you change directories, this forces MATLAB to do some additional work. However, when you just specifiy the directory to look in to read a file, that other work need not be done. As such, MATLAB will be more efficient.
Save those CPU cycles!

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