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How to get the length of flame front

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LEONG SING YEW on 13 Mar 2020
Edited: LEONG SING YEW on 21 Mar 2020
Hi everyone, does anyone know how to code for measuring the length of flame front as seen in the picture above?
My lecturer suggest to me use everyone point (x,y) of the respective temperature to calculate the distance, i'm very new to coding, i appreaciate any help
Here is my csv attachments and matlab code for this 2D surf contour plot
filename = '40um.csv';
Data = csvread(filename,6,0); %read csv data
X_Data = Data(:,2);
Y_Data = Data(:,1);
T_Data = Data(:,6);
T_Data(T_Data>400)=300; %more than 400K equal to 300
[x,~,xi]=unique(X_Data*1e3/2); %convert m to mm
[y,~,yi]=unique(Y_Data*1e3/2); %option: divide by 2 to use for validations
subs=[xi yi];%use the indices instead of values as coordinates
[X,Y]=ndgrid(x,y);%generate the grid surf() expects
M=accumarray(subs,val,[],[],NaN);%fill missing with NaN
surf(-X,Y,M); %Reflection along y-axis
colormap jet
view(0,90),xlabel("x/R (mm)"+newline),ylabel("y/R (mm)"+newline)
xlim([-2 2]); ylim([-0.5 3.4]); c=colorbar;
title(c,"Temperature",'FontSize',9,'FontWeight','bold'); title('0\circ');
shading interp

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Accepted Answer

darova on 14 Mar 2020
You have to find first value in each column
ii = zeros(columns,1)
jj = 1:columns;
for j = 1:columns
ii(j) = find(M(:,j)>200,1,'last');
L = hypot(diff(jj),diff(ii));

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LEONG SING YEW on 21 Mar 2020
thanks i work it out with another method, i post here if anyone find it useful
[A B]=size(T_Data);
X_new = zeros(A,1); Y_new = zeros(A,1);
for i = 1:A;
if T_Data(i,:)>350;
X_new(i) = X_Data(i); %retain the value
Y_new(i) = Y_Data(i);
XY = [X_new*1e3 Y_new*1e3];
rows = find(XY(:,2)==0);
XY(rows,:)=[]; %eliminate rows with value zeros
[~,idx] = unique(XY(:,2)); %which rows have a unique first value
XY = XY(idx,:); %retain them
[~,idy] = unique(XY(:,1));
XY = XY(idy,:);
X = XY(:,1);
Y = XY(:,2);
L = sum(hypot(diff(X),diff(Y))); %length of flame
hold on
plot(-X,Y); plot(X,Y);

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