Contour map to show ocean depth

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评论: Ke Wei Ong ,2020-8-15
How can I construct a contour map as follows that shows the Ocean depths at a particular location, using Longitude, Latitude and Depth data. (Attached sample xlsx file)
I've been struggling to get something at least slightly similar and I have posted a few posts before this. I'm still learning MATLAB and this has been a dead end for me for some time now. So, literally ANY suggestion, recommendation or help is appreciated.
Now, Do I need more data? Or do I have to have a specific toolbox?
To clarify, I don't mind having different colors or a color bar than the one I have posted. My concern is getting the contour map generated as shown on the post.
Basically, the data refers to Lat, Lon and Depth/Altitude. I am interested in generatnig a contour map that shows different depths/altitudes based on that data set.
I'll add all my previous posts and reference here, to know what my intensions are.
Thank you in advance!


darova 2020-4-23
Use griddata
% lat, long, depth - your data
[LAT,LON] = meshgrid(lat,long); % create 2D matrices
DP = griddata(lat,long,depth,LAT,LON); % calculate value at each grid point
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Ke Wei Ong
Ke Wei Ong 2020-8-15
May I know what is the unit in the legend, is it in meter or milimeter?


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