Wideband LOS channel block - propagate to multiple destinations

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The Wideband LOS channel block mentions that it can propagate one point in space to multiple points or from multiple points back to one point via line-of-sight (LOS) channels. I want to propagate a signal from one location to 8 locations - so I set the Pos2 and Vel2 ports to be 3x8 arrays, assuming it will give a matrix of the propagated signals at the output port. But it instead causes an error :
'Expected input Pos2 to be of size [3 1] when it is actually size [3 8]'
How do you propagate one signal to multiple locations? Is using multiple copies of the same block the only way?


Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 2020-5-11
Could you share how you invoked the block? My guess is your signal is a single column vector while the block is expecting a matrix with 8 columns so each column is sent to a location. If that's the case, you can add a block to replicate the signal to a matrix if your intention is to send the same signal to all locations. Meanwhile we'll try to enhance the block so it knows how to handle this situation.
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Sreekar Sai Ranganathan
Thank you! Having the input as a matrix worked.
My scenario : I have a wideband transmit array block with a single custom antenna and a wideband receive array with eight elements (element spacing much lesser than propagation distance). I had earlier given the port input to angle (for the transmit block) as [0 0] (taking the angle at which all elements are to be approximately zero), so it had output only one signal. Making it a 2x8 matrix (specifying the angle at which each element is) made it work. Anyway, having the feature of using a vector may be useful in some cases - so I guess should work.
As a sidenote - could the documentation for Simulink blocks please be made a lot more clear? In many documentation pages, I feel the description for each of the parameters and ports are quite difficult to understand for a beginner.
Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 2020-5-12
Thanks for the suggestion on documentation, I'll work with our documentation team to improve it.


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majd abdullah
majd abdullah 2020-12-10
you should to add (duplicate columns) block befor (free space channel) block
and in (duplicate columns) block add array from 8 elements


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