How can I generate Arbitrary PWM with specific pattern on C2834x DSP?

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I am trying to generate a signal with same width as in figure on 2834x DSP using c2000 support package. Unfortunately ePWm modules CANNOT be used and the only option that I have got are the GPIO pins. I tried repeating sequence stair block and it worked fine When sampling time was 1/(3*140000). However, when decreasing the samplig time to 1/(12*140000), the PWM pin behaviour becomes awkward and the pins is either always ON r always OFF. I tried modifing the step size to be lower value 1/(120*140000), but it also gave this awkward behaviour.

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Here is an idea:
I set the solver to 0.01step time in above case.
Venkatesh C
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Ahmed Khamis
Ahmed Khamis 2020-7-14
This doesn't work, I even checked the output of "rem" block, it is zero all the time. Anyways, I doubt that this logic would output a signal with same pattern shown in scope in my original question.




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