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When I generate a report with PolySpace 2019a, I got a report without code content but line and column number of code, it is hard to find position in my code, how can I generate a report with code in it. Thanks.
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luo humorous
luo humorous 2021-3-10
Can 2019a version get error line? I use 2018b just got error scope。How do you do?thx。



Anirban 2020-7-9
编辑:Anirban 2020-7-9
Hi Kei,
Reports are meant for archiving and certification purposes only.
To review an actual result, open the results in the Polyspace user interface. You not only see the source code that is color-coded with the results, but additional tooltips with range information, tracebacks and so on, which will help you find the root cause of a problem must faster.
The above is true with the R2019a Polyspace desktop products. If you want several reviewers to review the same result, use the server-based products, Polyspace Server and Polyspace Access. Several reviewers can then see the results along with source code on a web browser.

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