How to resolve issue of finite derivative after some time interval in simulink

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Hello Everyone
I am trying to solve a dynamic energy balance on simulink and I build a model for that but I am getting error that derivative of state is becoming finite after some time. Erro is attached below. How can I resolve this issue. anyone please
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Chris Verhoek
Chris Verhoek 2020-8-18
Usually this is because the feedback loop is unstable. When this happens to me, I forgot some plus or minus, such there is negative or posivite feedback, while I needed the opposite, which yielded the system unstable, and the derivative inf


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2020-8-12
You have a division block prior to the Integrator block. Can you check to see if you have a "divided by zero" problem? What is the value of that denominator branch?
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Muhammad Saqlain Haider
Thank you for your reply brother. It is really appreciated. I just checked my model again and value in that denominator branch is not zero which means that problem is some where else



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