How to speed up simulation time for fuzzy controllers in simulink

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I have implemented fuzzy controller in simulink as uploaded at Fuzzy controller has two inputs with three membership functions and 9 rules.The issue is that; that the simulink is taking too long time to run it. What could be the issue. Any guidance.
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You can approximate a nonlinear fuzzy PID controller using a lookup table. By replacing a Fuzzy Logic Controller block with Lookup Table blocks in Simulink, you can deploy a fuzzy controller with simplified generated code and improved execution speed.



Ryan G
Ryan G 2013-1-16
You can try running in accelerator or rapid accelerator mode, change to a stiff ode solver or breaking what appears to be an algebraic loop in the feedback with a transfer function or unit delay.
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Beenish Mazhar
Beenish Mazhar 2013-1-17
编辑:Beenish Mazhar 2013-1-17
Sir previously sample time was set to -1(inhereted) so when I increased it; the straight line became little curved.The problem is still to solve this problem.Secondly sir can you kindly explain how delay block acts as a sensor and why it is necessary in the model.


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