difference equation in signals processing

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Calculateh[n] analytically for the difference equation y[n]−1.1y[n−1] + 0.46y[n−2] =x[n] + 0.04x[n−1] + 0.76x[n−2].answer should be a functional expression. Hint: You may find theresiduez function useful to obtain partialfraction expansions. Note that the initial expression may come out with complex components.However, it is possible to simplify it into an expression that is real. A part of the resulting expression can be expressed in the form of the first line of the equation below. Use the equivalent final form to simplify your expression:x[n]
The answer that I reached was:
H(e^jw)= 1-1.1e^(-jw)+0.46e^(-2jw)/ [1+0.04e^(-jw)+0.76^(-2jw)]
Can you please help how to reach to the form x[n] given

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