Failed to find device: cf-ad9361-lpc.

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Hi, I was following the tutorial HW/SW Co-Design QPSK Transmit and Receive Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364.
When I run the software interface model in "normal" mode, I got the error as follows:
ZC706 and FMCOMMS5, windows10, Matlab R2019a, vivado 2018.2.
  • Communication Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio
  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Xilinx Zynq Platform
  • HDL Coder Support Package For Xilinx Zynq Platform
  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Arm Cortex-A Processors
  • Analog Devices Board Support Packages
  • Embedded Coder Interface to QEMU Emulator
I have also finished "Harware Setup" step, but the error still exists.
I'm a beginner to this kind of platform. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks a lot!


Martin Enderwitz
Martin Enderwitz 2020-10-2
There are a few things to consider to resolve the issues you are seeing:
  1. The example you are working with demonstrates HW/SW Co-Design, where the model zynqRadioHWSWQPSKAD9361AD964SL_UDP_interface is used to generated C code that executes on the ARM processing system of the Zynq SoC. Therefore, it cannot be run in "Normal" mode, and instead must either be fully deployed or run using "Monitor and Tune". Please ensure you follow the example instructions exactly, and in particular the sections Setting up the software model to run on the ARM processor and Running the Software and Hardware on the Zynq board
  2. Since you are working with the FMCOMMS5, you need to replace the AD946x Transmitter and AD936x Receiver blocks in the model with their FMCOMMS5 counterparts, FMCOMMS5 Transmitter and FMCOMMS5 Receiver. The "Failed to find device: cf-ad9361-lpc" error you are seeing is because the FMCOMMS5 does not contain this device; that exists on the FMCOMMS2/3/4 only.
If you follow the example steps precisely, and replace the receiver/transmitter blocks, you should be able to run the example without issue.
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Xiaoxiao Liu
Xiaoxiao Liu 2020-10-6
It works well now! Thank you very much!
Best regards!


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