Sudden error "Conversion to double from struct is not possible"

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The error message occurred suddenly after many successful runs of a script and without altering the line nor any near it. tried in command window and the result was the same. The line appears to be a precise replica of the example line in Matlab help.
>> set(gcf,'WindowState','maximized')
Error using set
Conversion to double from struct is not possible.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020-12-5
You might have assigned a value to a variable named gcf
Or possibly you introduced a new function named gcf
which gcf
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David Slater
David Slater 2020-12-6
Thank you indeed, Walter. The problem is now solved. In my earlier efforts to add a title to a figure, I had changed
and I had failed to realize that I hadn't changed it back. This had the effect of assigning a value to gcf each time a ran the script and turning it into a variable.This cancelled the result of
clear gcf
Changing the line in the script back to a set command has cured the problem. I will now gratefully accept your answer.
Thanks again.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020-12-6
Ah yes, that could do it.
Unfortunately gcf and gca are functions . Although with a relatively recent change to MATLAB it is possible to hack to be able to access properties of the object returned, you cannot assign to it:
>> struct('T', gcf).T.WindowState
ans =
I do not recommend this hack.


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