how to scale two plots

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I am having a very common question; but still I am helpless and found no solution for it. I am having two plots. I want to scale one plot with respect to other. On x-axis; I have scaling from 1 to 60 while on y-axis; from -100 to 500. For the second plot the x-axis has range from 0 to 9000 while y-axis has same range -100 to 500. If I scale the x-axis of second plot with respect to first one only first 60 values are shown while remaining are discarded. If I scale the first plot with respect to second one then nothing is visible only a very small line is seen on the plot. The piece of code is:
axis([0 9000 -100 500])
hold on


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2013-3-25
plotxx() from the File Exchange, perhaps.
But do the two ranges, 0-60 and 0-9000, represent the same range of values?
You are using the one-argument form of plot(). Do you have a list of x for each of the two cases? If so then,
plot(timelist1, valuelist1, timelist1, valuelist2)
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Beenish Mazhar
Beenish Mazhar 2013-3-26
Sir you have guessed the right thing; the ODE's for both plots are different. Actually in order to achieve the desired response ODE's were changed because desired response was not achieved by using the same ODE for both plots.Sir would this matter? One thing more sir; when we change ODE'S actually we are changing the step sizes?


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