load a txt file with variable header

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CSCh 2020-12-14
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Hi Everyone,
i want to "load" multiple txt-files but they have variable header. However all files looks like this:
*bla bla
....(between 50-50 rows)
then the main part begins, containing tabstop separated, 29 col and variable rows ~200 with my sensor data, however containing also not only numerics also "Nan" too.
I need some help to just start integrating the textfile skipping all rows beginning with "*" . Or better all rows +1 because the first row of my sensor data starts with "nans".
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CSCh 2020-12-15
Can you please give me an example how to use detectImportOptions for my issue?


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Gouri Desai
Gouri Desai 2020-12-16
I understand that you are trying to read multiple text files with varying headers. Also, you want to read specific rows/columns of data beginning with a ‘*’.
detectImportOptions is a great way to choose the type of data, row and column, or the start and end conditions on data points in a file. Check out the Name, Value pairs in it's documentation page.
You can use it in combination with readtable to obtain a table having the data points satisying the properties set with detectImportOptions.
Do check this resource for more information:


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