Jacobian calculation of symbolic variables which are function of time.

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I am trying to find the jacobian for a transformation matrix. I am using symbolic theta as function of time:
syms the1(t) the3(t) L1(t);
R01 = [cos(the1) sin(the1) 0;-sin(the1) cos(the1) 0;0 0 1];
P01 = [0;L1*sin(the1); L1*cos(the1)];
T01 = [R01 P01;0 0 0 1];
dd = [the1,the3];
jaco = jacobian(T01,dd);
But it is failing with error "First argument must be scalar or vector.".
How can it be implemented?


Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy 2021-3-30
Hi Sourabh,
In this case the1 and the3 are symbolic functions rather than symbolic variables. There is no direct way to calculate jacobian in such cases.
The link here provides a workaround for creating jacobians in such cases.
Hope this helps!

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