Antarctic Mapping Tool: how can I evaluate the distance of a point from the coastline?

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Raffaello Nardin
Raffaello Nardin2021-4-28
回答: Chad Greene ,2021-5-2
I'm working with Antarctic Mapping Tool and in order to plot some data, I'm trying to extrapolate the distance of the sampling points from the sea. Problem is, I can't find a good way to do it: I'm trying to estimate it using pathdist and tracing a line from my lat long point in an arbitrary direction and evaluate the distance like that.
I'm trying to find a solution, but apart from manually find the minimum of the distance (e.g. I sample a number of points on the coast and then I find the minimum distance using trigonometry) I can't find another way...

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2021-5-2
The easiest solution is the dist2mask function in the Antarctic boundaries add-on for AMT. Syntax is
d = dist2mask('openocean',x,y);
Which gives the distance to the coast d in kilometers for any arbitrary points x,y.

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