How to update the Struct value in the workspace from the MATLAB GUI app designer?

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Manoj Devaraju
Manoj Devaraju2021-8-14
评论: Manoj Devaraju ,2021-8-16
I am designing the GUI using the matlab app builder, I want to change(assign) the values of struct which is already present in the workspace using the GUI , but I have used the assignin function for 'variables' its works well but for the 'struct' I dont know how to change.
I want to change the car.year value from the GUI.


dpb 2021-8-14
A struct variable is a variable, just as any other...
function testit(s)
Illustration --
>> car=struct('year',2020,'loan',25000,'counts',10)
car =
struct with fields:
year: 2020
loan: 25000
counts: 10
>> testit(car)
>> car
car =
struct with fields:
year: 2030
loan: 25000
counts: 10
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