Network named license , inquiry

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Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed2021-8-16
回答: Steven Lord ,2021-8-16
We are going to purchase a network named license for full matlab package ( matlab - simulink - matlab coder - embedded coder - simscape - simscape electrical )
, pls confirm my understanding of the following
1- if we have 10 users with 10 computers , the matlab will be installed on the 10 computers , provided that only one user can operate the software at a time according to the license adminstrator
2- it's possible for the user to work on the software off-line
3- I need to know why we are asked to purchase at least 2 matlab licenses for a single network named license

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021-8-16
For an official answer to licensing questions please contact Customer Service using the Contact Support link on the Support section of this website or contact the Sales department using the Contact Sales link at the bottom of this page (under the "Try or Buy" heading.)


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