Is it possible to generate ARM Cortex M3 processor specific code that supports LONG LONG or the 64 bit integer size data using Simulink Coder 8.0 (R2011a) ?

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I would like to generate processor specific C code as described below:
- Use an ARM Cortex M3 processor to do arithmetic operations on data type 'long long' (64 bit integer type data) from the generated code. Hence enable support for 'long long' datatype in generated code.
- In the Hardware Implementation options for the ARM family CORTEX board, an option to specify the integer data type size to 64 or to select 'long long' data type for the hardware will resolve the issue. The specific processor that I use is ARM STM32F103ZE.


MathWorks Support Team
At this point, we do not support generating C code that supports LONG LONG or the 64 bit integer type data. One of the workarounds in this case, would be the following:
- Using TFL to replace the specific operation with a user defined operation that takes advantage of "long long".
- Using multiword math.

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