Problem 1040. Create a Cell array of month-end date strings within a provided date range

This is a variation of Get an array of month-ends by T.D. where the result is now a cell array of date strings.

For example:

date_start = datenum('10 Nov 2010');
date_end   = datenum('10 Feb 2011');
[dates_me{1:3}]   = month_ends(date_start, date_end); 
dates_me = 
   '30-Nov-2010' '31-Dec-2010' '31-Jan-2011'
The test suite uses
Is there a way to receive variable number of cells from a function call?

J.G pointed out a better Cell array implementation that does not use varargout. This revised version is Challenge 1044

Related challenge is Usage of varargout.

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