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Read and plot TEQC report files
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TEQC is the Toolkit for GPS/GLONASS/SBAS Data used to solve many pre-processing problems with GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS data.
TEQC stands for Translation, Editing, and Quality Check.

TEQCPLOT(FILENAME) returns the content of a TEQC reportfile in a figure (and a struct variable). Input argument FILENAME is optional.

Valid TEQC report files are:

*.sn1 Signal to noise ratio L1
*.sn2 Signal to noise ratio L2
*.iod Derivative of ionospheric delay observable (m/s)
*.ion Ionospheric delay observable (m)
*.mp1 Multipath Carrier L1
*.mp2 Multipath Carrier L2
*.azi Satellite azimuthal data (degrees)
*.ele Satellite elevation data (degrees)

Jim Hedfors, Uppsala University, 2005


Jim Hedfors (2024). TEQCPLOT (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/11427-teqcplot), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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版本 已发布 发行说明

Renamed function from TEQC to TEQCPLOT to avoid mixing with the original TEQC toolkit.
Also, included an example of a TEQC report file.