Toolbox Sparse Optmization

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Optimization codes for sparsity related signal processing

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This toolbox contains the implementation of what I consider to be fundamental algorithms
for non-smooth convex optimization of structured functions. These algorithms might not be the fasted
(although they certainly are quite efficient), but they all have a simple implementation in term
of black boxes (gradient and proximal mappings, given as callbacks). However, you should have
some knowledge about what is a gradient operator and a proximal mapping in order to be able
to use this toolbox on your own problems. I suggest you have a look at the
"suggested readings" for some more information about all this.


Gabriel Peyre (2023). Toolbox Sparse Optmization (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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启发作品: CoSaMP and OMP for sparse recovery

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Totally changed the toolbox to contain only optimization codes.

Modified license.
Remove GPL files. Gabriel said he will redo this in January.

Update of Licence

BSD Licence