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DICOM Example Files

version (1.18 MB) by Jeff Mather
Example DICOM files containing MR images of the brain.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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A set of DICOM files containing a full series of transverse MR images of the brain. These images are used in the November 2002 MATLAB Digest article about DICOM:

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Jeff Mather (2020). DICOM Example Files (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I could not open the file, despite being correctly downloaded. So, I required using some unzip online website to be able to access the 20 dcm files.

Gotcha! Don't use 7zip, probably it's an old version of winzip o winrar

I also cannot access this. Downloaded fine but cannot unzip the file. Any advice?

I have downloaded but could not unzip it. Is there a password protection for this file?

very good! it is benifit for me

Hi everyone,

I need your help: how can I obtain the series of MRI brain tumor DICOM, contain coronal, sagitall and axial with exact source?
Please help me, I need them for my project!

Hanni Cho

I would like to do detection of bone cancer. But I don't have the dataset. So, could I get bone x-ray image of cancerous. Please.

Kyul KIM


very useful and helpful




Matilda S

Thank U. I have downloaded

Test of my dcm viewer

I cannot use this zip file after I have downloaded it into my computer.I also copy it into matlab folder but it does not work.Could you help me about this please.

Hi all!

Hope u r fine, pls can any one help me how to watermark lsb of mri images? It is true for Ultrasound images can do tamper detection and recovery of size such as 480x640 but giving error 512x512x3 i think the error is due to x3 but how to fix this error?


To anyone trying to run the first example code associated with this image set, the syntax for montage is no longer correct. It should be:

feng yang

test my dcm viewer

feng zhang

but how to download? thanks

nice details

ahmad omar


by using (dicom) please how i can write m.file whish is show for example 10 frames evry one frame in different figure forever runing ? with time 4,5 melisecond

vikram kanted

Jun Takeshita

DICOM is great system, i understood.

david kim

Magesh Murugesan

it is grt collect as a sample to understand abt dicom image's

michael henry

Khaled Hesham



Thank you

ahmed mgeg

cheng wenlian

Daniel Vasquez

Ashwini C



Nguyen Manh Long

Le Tuan Dat


Gustavo Meschino

Images are a good example to work.

traian barbu



Updated license

Adding a BSD license

BSD License

This file really belongs under the Medical category and not "Graphics Import/Export". These are files that can be imported, but I'm trying to show some medical applications of the Image Processing Toolbox.

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