SSH From Matlab (updated) + SFTP/SCP

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Run commands on a remote machine from a Matlab session, via a secure shell.
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更新时间 2013/8/20


If you need to access a remote machine from your Matlab session (for near-real time data transfer etc...) this set of functions allows you to programmatically send a single command and obtain the return values as a cell array.

Added SFTP function that is compatible with this library. Changed to use Matlab's binary read operations. Tested and achieved over 1.2MB sustained transfer rate.

SCP functionality has been included to transfer files back locally.

Now supports public key authentication.

This requires the open-source Ganymed SSH-2 for Java that is freely available online and is now included in the zip file.


David Freedman (2024). SSH From Matlab (updated) + SFTP/SCP (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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Includes Ganymed library (no longer accessible from (

File updated.

Now supports public key authentication. Also one can send commands without waiting for a response. Plus, an updated sshfrommatlabinstall.

Added SCP functionality

Added SFTP function. Also removed extraneous files.