Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Model in Simulink

版本 (6.1 MB) 作者: Steve Miller
Model of a parallel-series hybrid-electric vehicle with system-level and detailed variants of electrical system.

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更新时间 2022/4/5

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This file contains a hybrid-electric vehicle model built using Simscape, Simscape Electrical, and Simscape Driveline that can be configured for system-level tests or power quality analyses. Model variants for the electrical, battery, and vehicle dynamics systems can be selected using variant subsystems. A battery model created with the Simscape language is incorporated into the model. Supervisory logic is implemented with Stateflow. This model can be configured for hardware-in-the-loop testing. See also File Exchange submission Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Simscape.
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Steve Miller (2022). Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Model in Simulink (https://github.com/mathworks/Simscape-HEV-Series-Parallel/releases/tag/, GitHub. 检索来源 .

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创建方式 R2022a
兼容 R2013a 到 R2022a 的版本
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启发作品: QSS_TB_2019b (1)

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