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create_mosiac.m - Create tiled "mosaic" images from volumes

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Conceived for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, create_mosaic may also be useful for DWI or other applications which create image time-series

Most fMRI programs use 4D matrices (x,y,z,t) in NIfTI format.
It can be useful to reduce the number of dimension from 4 to 3 by tiling all slices (z) into a "mosaic" image for each time point (t).
Scrolling through the 3rd dimension in the mosaic (e.g. in mricro allows the time course of each slice to be visualised.
Useful for assessing motion and artefacts in fMRI time series.
Can also be used to create a 2D mosaic of all the slices in a 3D volume, e.g. for structural imaging

In the example below, 4D EPI times-series in NIfTI format (all called 'Image.nii') are stored in the directories '5','6','8' in the directory specified by root_dir
create_mosaic writes a 3D mosaic file for each, in NIfTI format, in the directory results_dir, with file names Mosaic_5.nii, etc

Simon Robinson. 2/May/2011.
version_number = 1.0;
Credit: includes many functions from Jimmy Shen's excellent NIfTI toolbox (file exchange # 8797)


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参考作品: Tools for NIfTI and ANALYZE image

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