Automatic Terrain Generation

版本 (5.0 MB) 作者: Tucker McClure
A set a tools for generating artificial terrain and other rough phenomena mapped over a 2D surface.

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更新时间 2016/9/1


This set includes three tools for generating approximately realistic-looking terrain and other phenomena that might be mapped across a two dimensional surface, such as population density, corrosion, air pollution, or wildlife distribution. The methods, variations on proposals by Benoît Mandelbrot, are very simple, and yet result in significant, "life-like" complexity.
A document is included that describes how the methods work and how they can be used for various purposes. From MATLAB, open readme.html or navigate to the HTML subdirectory.
Other names for these types of techniques include midpoint displacement, fractional Brownian motion, and fractal landscape.


Tucker McClure (2023). Automatic Terrain Generation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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