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Rotate Image

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Rotate an image in X degrees.

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更新时间 2003/10/22


% rotate_image - rotates an image given inside a matrix by the amount of "degree" counter-clockwise
% using linear interpolation of the output grid points from the back-rotated input points
% in this way, the output image will never have a "blank" point
% Format: [out_image_m,out_ref_points_m] = rotate_image( degree, in_image_m, in_ref_points_m )
% Input: degree - rotation degree in dergees, counter-clockwise
% in_image_m - input image, given inside a matrix (gray level image only)
% in_ref_points_m - points on the image wich their output coordinates will be given
% after the rotation. given format of this matrix is:
% [ x1,x2,...,xn;y1,y2,...,yn]
% Output: out_image_m - the output image
% out_ref_points_m - the position of the input handle points after the rotation.
% this element is given in "in_ref_points_m" exists
% format of the matrix is the same as of "in_ref_points_m"
% NOTE: By definition of rotation, in order to perserve all the image inside the
% rotated image space, the output image will be a matrix with a bigger size.

Call the function with no parameters, to activate the demo


Ohad Gal (2022). Rotate Image (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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创建方式 R12.1
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