Create a heatmap from signals stored in an EDF file
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A heatmap can be created for each signal in an EDF or for selected signals. Alternatively, a panel of heatmaps can be created. Heatmap's x axis can be selected from preset durations that correspond to values often used in sleep and circadian research. The HeatMap function is designed to provide a way to quickly review the contents of large number of sleep studies.
Example output can be found here
Getting started:

The fastest way to get started is to run tests in the associated test file. Public properties contain the most common parameters for configuring HeatMaps. More advance users may want to review private properties before modifying.

Examples included in test file

TEST_1: Specify edf as a file
TEST_2: Specify signals to heatmaps to generate
TEST_3: Specify EDF data as a structure
TEST_4: Change default figure options to a 5 minute window
TEST_5 Test heatmap resolution (2, 32, and 128)
TEST_6 Create panel
TEST_7 Summarize folder of EDFs by creating a pandel for each EDF and saving the figures in a power point file.


Create seperate figure for each EDF signal
edfHeatMapView(fn|edfStruct, varList)
Specify which signals to generate
edfHeatMapView(fn|edfStruct, varList, opt)
Use option structure to set parameters

Function Prototypes:
Generate one or more figures as defined in varList
Create a panel

Public Properties:
edf_fn : EDF file name with path
signals_to_plot : Cell array of EDF signal labels
{ 'lab1', 'lab2,' ...}
subjectId : If set, add to signal title string
percentile_range : HeatMap data scale range [min max]
show_contour_legend : Add legend to plot
xAxisDurationIndex : X value index
figPosition : Set figure position and size
num_heatmap_values : Gray scale resolution
panelFontSize : Panel parameter size
panelTitle : Parameter title
titleFontSize : Title font size

External References:


Panel.m (add to down load folder)

Test functions uses:

saveppt2.m (add to download folder)

Links to additional resources

National Sleep Research Resource

Test files, updated source code, sample output and release information

Example Output:

Original release website


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