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a class to control the MSquared Lasers 'SolsTis' laser

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Matlab class to control the M Squared cw TiSapph laser over TCP/IP.

This script can be used to send commands to the Solstis and read back its reports. The class limits the number of solstis objects that can be instantiated (current limit is two, but this is easily changed in the class constructor). The class provides basic functionality of setting and reading the wavelength, applying wavelength feedback (requires a
wavemeter link) to lock the wavelength to a certain value. It also supports the more sophisticated built-in scan routines TeraScan and FastScan provided by M Squared Lasers.
The class provides a level of usability by checking user input for compatibility with the solstis and returning informative warnings and error messages. It also parses the solstis reports (single strings) into matlab structs with a separate field for each piece of information.

Please note that some functions require a direct connection between the solstis and a wavemeter. Ask M Squared Lasers for further information.

N.B.: Currently, the class requires the user to insert the ip-address of the PC on which the script is run. By default, it is set to '' in the constructor. Either change this value in the script, or change it after instantiation by doing the following:
solstis = Solstis.getInstance( ... , ... ) (fill in solstis ip and port)
solstis.pc_ip_address = '' (fill in pc ip-address as a string)


Jakko de Jong (2023). Solstis class (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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