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version by Johannes Rebling
Displays a random motivational quote in the command line to motivate your worker bees.

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Updated 13 Apr 2017

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Print motivational quotes to the Matlab command line to inspire your worker bees!

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Johannes Rebling (2020). r0oland/motivate-me (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Thanks @Carl Witthoft for the the tip, the quotes are hilarious and are now included.
Thanks @Luca Bortolotti, I believe the bug is now fixed.

You need to replace the "round" on line 42 with a "ceil" (else in some cases n can be zero and like 49 then breaks!)

inB4 ... you need to include everything from .


- added more quotes from
- fixed minor line-break bug
- moved files to github

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Created with R14
Compatible with any release
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