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version (8.27 MB) by Thomas Pfau
A small tool to provide xlsread functionality for xlsx files to matlab 2014b and earlier.


Updated 07 Apr 2018

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This tool offers a xlsread compatible xls/xlsx I/O for any system without Excel.
The implementation makes use of the apache POI library (similar to xlread).
It allows the usage of the same arguments as xlsread (as of 2017b) including the processFcn call. However it only offers the .Count and the .Value fields for further processing along with a .WorkSheet field which contains the POI worksheet selected in the xlread call.

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Thomas Pfau (2020). xlread (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Thomas Pfau

Please be aware, that the Text Analytics Toolbox of some Matlab versions ships with a broken POI library which will make the tool unusable if the toolbox is installed.
Known Matlab Versions to be affected:
2018b up to 2019b

Bill Gruner

Worked great with Matlab R2015b. A nice compliment to the other function posted here, xlwrite.m, which uses exactly the same Apache POI libraries.

Bill Gruner

Oh, and my tests were with Matlab R2015b, so it works there as well.


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