Chart Development Toolbox

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This toolbox contains the MATLAB code for the technical article "Creating Specialized Charts with MATLAB Object-Oriented Programming".

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Chart Development Toolbox

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This toolbox contains the MATLAB® code for the technical article Creating Specialized Charts with MATLAB Object-Oriented Programming.

A chart provides a task-specific application programming interface (API) for creating custom visualizations. Designing and implementing a chart not only provides a convenient API for end users, but simultaneously removes the need for the user to manipulate low-level graphics objects.

The toolbox comprises several diverse examples of custom MATLAB charts, together with a catalog app for browsing the available charts.

You can inspect the source code used for each chart, explore the features and functionality of each chart, and run Live Script examples demonstrating the use of each chart. The toolbox also has documentation and resources to help you get started with developing your own charts.

Installation and Getting Started

This submission is a MATLAB toolbox.

  1. Double-click on the toolbox installer (the .mltbx file) to install the toolbox.
  2. See the documentation files GettingStarted.mlx and CreatingSpecializedCharts.mlx for introductory information.
  3. Open the Chart Catalog app from the Apps gallery to view the example charts.

MathWorks Product Requirements

The Chart Development Toolbox requires MATLAB release R2021a or later.

Some charts in the catalog rely on additional toolboxes.


The license for the Chart Development Toolbox is available in the license.txt file in this GitHub repository.

Copyright 2018-2022 The MathWorks, Inc.


Ken Deeley (2022). Chart Development Toolbox (, GitHub. 检索来源 .

MATLAB 版本兼容性
创建方式 R2022a
兼容 R2022a 及更高版本
Windows macOS Linux

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